Teachers Participated in the Research Activities about the “Elite Program”of the Biology Working Committee in Gansu Province
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      On April 27, the Research Activities about the “Elite Program”of the Biology Working Committee in Gansu Province was held in Lanzhou University with some important leaders attending the seminar, including Shi Yigong, President of West Lake University, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Director of “Elite Program” Biology Working Committee, Yan Chunhua, President and Vice-Secretary of the Party Committee of Lanzhou University and also the Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences as well as Liu Huiqiang, Vice-Director of Youth Science and Technology Center of Chinese Association of Sciences and Technology. The seminar was presided over by Qiao Shouyi, the Deputy Director and Secretary of Elite Program of Biology Working Committee and Professor of Fudan University. In addition, many other leaders and teachers also participated in the research activities, such as leaders of relevant departments of Chinese Association of Science and Technology, Gansu Association of Science and Technology, Lanzhou University, members of Elite Program of Biology Working Committee, teacher representatives from high schools, together with students of Elite Programs in 2018 and 2019 in biology and their parents. Jing Xiaomin, the Vice Principal of the High School Attached to NWNU was invited to attend the meeting and make a speech, accompanied by Yang Hanxiong, Director of the Academic Affairs Department of the High School Attached to NWNU and Wang Yongqiang, a physics teacher.
        President Yan made a welcoming speech and pointed out that the form of the "Elite Program" opening only to high schools in Lanzhou should be changed and the program should be promoted and developed in other areas of the province. He Deyan , Assistant President of Lanzhou University and Executive Dean of Cuiying College, gave a report on the overall implementation of the Elite Program in colleges and universities and introduced the development of the Elite Program in Gansu Province. Xiaochun Zhang, Director of Gansu Science and Technology Museum and Gansu Youth Science and Technology Activity Center, on behalf of the provincial administrative office, reported on the implementation of the Elite Program in Gansu Province from the aspects like organization and management, the formulation of incentive measures, the promotion of participation of middle schools and strengthening student management and tracking. Dean Li Jia and Hou Suiwen, professors of biology at Lanzhou University, have shared their training experience. Tutors should take the interests of students as their starting point, arrange training courses according to their interests and constantly improve training methods. By doing experiments, participating in the research of projects and consulting Chinese and foreign literature, students can not only study the biological technology but also have a complete experience about the scientific research process.

        Vice-principal Jing Xiaomin delivered a keynote speech on behalf of Principal Jia on "Cultivating Outstanding Chinese People with Comprehensive and Individualized Development". In his speech, he stressed that the development of modern society is increasingly diversified and students should be taught in accordance with their aptitude. It is not only the needs of social pluralistic development, but also the national demand for diversification of talents to meet the requirements of different students and realize individual development of each student. As an important stage of basic education, senior high schools not only undertake the task of delivering qualified talents to colleges and universities, but also play the transitive role of linking basic education and higher education. As the organizers of all activities of "learning" and "teaching", schools should adhere to the concept of "cultivating students’ comprehensive and individualized development" and deal with the relationship between "being comprehensive" and "individuality",that is to say, making a good balance between general education and professional education.
      Director Yang Hanxiong, on behalf of middle school teachers, came up with the idea that teachers, as an important element at a stage of basic education, should not only embody the requirements of the times to enable students to have a preliminary spirit of innovation and practical ability, but also pay attention to improving the students’ scientific and humanistic qualities, so as to lay a foundation for students’ lifelong development and their abilities of coping with the challenges in modern society and future development. 
       Zhengting Chen and Yijun Chen, two students from Hongyu Class of the High School Attached to NWNU who will graduate in 2020, reported their learning experiences in the Elite Program. When talking about the experience of participating in the program, they said: participating in the Elite Program broadens their scientific horizons and improves their scientific literacy. Due to the program, they have opportunities to participate in research projects completely in high schools, to contact with the ideas of the masters and to understand the future development and trend of the discipline, which helps to firm up their interests. They called on all the students to cherish the training opportunities and expressed their sincere respect and gratitude to their tutors on behalf of other students.
       In the process of communication and discussion, the members of the Biology Working Committee, representatives in charge of the Elite Program in Lanzhou University, tutor representatives, middle school teachers, students and their parents had an in-depth discussion of the "Elite Program" on its objectives, processes and effects and how to give consideration to its influences on high school academic subjects and how to make a cohesion with university education and its correlation with career development.


       In his concluding speech, Shi Yigong said that the “Elite Program” is an integral part of the national training of talents in basic disciplines. Through the making connections between university education and secondary education, it aims to cultivate students’ abilities and interests and emphasizes the training process. At the same time, he proposed that the “Elite Program” is a beautiful dream and a specific measure to cultivate top innovative talents.

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